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National Contact Point of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University established in pursuance of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine resolution from 23.11.2011№1197 with changes №620 from 08.19.2015.

Our main tasks are:

  1. To inform subjects of scientific, technical and innovation activities about EC programs in research and innovation, as well as other European programs, including the current and future competitions, conditions of participation, opportunities and conditions for submission of proposals.
  2. To increase public awareness about European Community objectives to enhance participation of SMEs, as well as women and youth in Horizon 2020.
  3. Consultancyon finding partners, selecting options for financing, good governance, legal and financial aspects, etc. in current projects implemented with the participation of Ukrainian participants.
  4. To organize training seminars for target groups (research institutions, educational institutions, SMEs, professional and industrial organizations, women from the field of science, etc.), or by special topics concerning actual problems of Horizon 2020 on their competence.
  5. Distribution of general and specific documentation of Horizon 2020, including details on conditions for participation, opportunities and conditions for submitting projects and project budgeting and reporting.
  6. To organize informative and educational activities (information days, seminars, conferences, newsletters, Web sites, fairs, etc.) in determined direction, including organization of courses and seminars for specific target groups (SMEs, universities, business organizations women-scientists) or on specific topics (legal aspects, conditions of participation, research and innovation with several challenges and specific programs, funding rules and so on).
  7. To maintain communication with other NCPs in Ukraine, thematic NCPs in other countries, and with relevant services of the European Commission on participation in Horizon 2020.
  8. To participate in activities and projects of the EU regarding NCP activities (seminars, conferences, exhibitions organized by the NCP base organizations, transnational coordination meetings of NCP network).
  9. Monitoring of participation of Ukrainian representatives in the Horizon 2020 program and other European programs.
  10. To maintain a website with basic information on the Horizon 2020 program under its thematic direction.
  11. To fulfill the preparation for assignation of analytical reports and proposals on participation in European research programs and programs in research and innovation to public authorities.
  12. To coordinate our activities and provide information exchange within NCPs network and National coordinator.
  13. To increase awareness about NCP under the tasks assigned to it.